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Agreements and Risk Management

Agreements are formal and written documents. They outline expectations clearly for both parties. They contain all pertinent information about what is being agreed to and what happens in case things don’t work out. Agreements are one of the many ways to mitigate risks. By signing an agreement, you are protecting yourself. You lessen your potential

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Workplans are the foundation of a successful project. It can tell you whether your project is going as planned or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.  Not only does a database Workplan help your project, but it can also help staffing plans for an office. Key objectives: Why is a Workplan

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Accounting for Architects

Accounting is not only for accountants. To become better at our job, we need to understand how to run the finances of a business. Accounting for Architects will help you know how the finances of a Professional Practice are structured and why it is essential to plan for a stable future. “Accountant” is derived from

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The Role of the Project Manager

What is Project Management? Most people have a general understanding of what it is. Others think it is something a little different. In this course, you will learn how to become an efficient and strong architectural Project Manager. The role of the Project Manager is looking at the entire project, not just their own area.

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