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Accounting for Architects

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A Comprehensive Course – Get the skills you need to take your business to the next level with this comprehensive course!


Course Outline:

  • Accounting terms: DLE, DPE, Overhead, Break Even, Profit, Loss, and more
  • Revenue recognition: Cash Basis and Accrual Basis
  • Business plan: The steps involved in creating a business plan are stepwise, with each stage representing an increase in the chances of success.
  • Annual vs. Monthly Planning: Understand the difference and how they both play a role in tracking profit
  • Multipliers: How architect use multipliers to track profit and loss
  • Invoicing: Understand the importance of invoicing and how to work with your accountants to stay on top


Are you seeking an online course to teach you how to recognize and report revenue in a project accounting environment? If so, then this is the course for you! Our professional course takes a top-down approach to teach you how to plan, track, and analyze your project. You’ll learn about the different revenue recognition methods and how they can be used to improve your financial statements. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a business plan understanding that will help make sure your projects are successful. The online course in Project Accounting for Architects provides a complete understanding of project accounting from start to finish. This course is designed for architects and provides the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to manage, invoice, and track projects. The course is interactive and provides real-world experience with project accounting tasks.

Key Concepts :

Accounting Terms

Business Planning

Monthly Planning

Revenue Recognition

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To take this course, you must complete “The Role of the Project Manager” 



We have provided a download of the Course Vocabulary for your use.