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Workplans are the foundation of a successful project.


Course Outline:

  • Why planning is important – the keystone to every project’s success
  • Schedule – the importance of a schedule for managing a project
  • Wallboarding – Plan your work with the end in mind
  • Top-Down Planning – estimate cost based on market principles
  • Bottom-up Planning – Estimate project cost based on workplan development
  • Resource-Based Planning – Planning based on people
  • Task-Based Planning – Planning based on tasks performed by people
  • Plan Monitoring – Keep informed whether you are on plan or if you are deviating
  • Utilization – The different types of utilization and how they are used
  • Workplan Tools – Helpful tools for planning


Are you looking for a way to improve your planning skills? Do you want to learn more about creating effective workplans for Architects? Look no further than the Online course in Workplans for Architects. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to create effective, resource-based, or task-based plans to help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn how to do the project’s goals, deadlines, milestones, budget constraints, and any other restrictions or requirements. Once identified, they should be written down on paper or saved as an outline in a document to be easily accessible for reference when needed.

Key Concepts :


Planning Methods

Plan Monitoring


Additional Information


In order to take this course, you must complete “The Role of the Project Manager” and “Accounting for Architects”



We have provided a download of the Course Vocabulary for your use.