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by | Jun 19, 2023 | Project Management | 0 comments

What is the #1 thing Project Managers do not have time for?  Workplans! They take too much time, or they are too cumbersome to create. Well, here is the lesson.  By creating a work plan, you will save time in the future.  A work plan acts as a roadmap for your project, and it will tell you when to turn left and when to turn right.  It will even tell you when to stop.

By monitoring your work plan, you will understand better if your project is running smoothly, or if you need to make changes. And when change is called for, it should act as a red flag.  Why are things changing; is it an Owner directed change, or did we miss something? The answer will inform the changes you are making to the plan, and if it is an Owner change, does it impact you enough to warrant a request for additional services.

A work plan will not tell you every detail of your project, but it will give you indications of how well your project is proceeding, or not.

Make the time to build a workplan for all your projects. Start the workplan even before you are awarded the project to test the effort it takes to execute it.  That will then support your proposal, and you are comfortable you have a decent chance of providing the Owner the service they deserve.



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